ThracePAY is a service that allows users to get secure online payments.
We are a company that provides global payment solutions to our customers. We do this by agreeing with the companies that offer payment solutions.
We have a secure connection between our customers and our partners.
ThracePAY extensive range of global payment solutions enables your customers to pay by their preferred method.
ThracePAY is becoming a platform that is able to meet the needs of more individual and commercial people day by day.
ThracePAY can be easily integrated into web sites and used in a short time.
So whether your business is local or global, talk to us about how we can tailor a solution to meet your individual needs.

ThracePAY VPOS (Online Payment Gateways)

With our Virtual POS system, you will be able to receive payments not only from the country you are in, but also from foreign customers in other countries.
Our only condition is compliance with the law.
Customers using this system can receive payment via with all credit cards. Amex, Mastercard, Debit, Jcb, Dinners Club, Discovery cards are available.
- Receive payments from around the world

Easy Integration

You do not need to know coding for payment. We are always ready to support.


Your business and customers are provided the highest level, PCI DSS Level 1 Security.
Your payments are protected by our global payment companies, as well as our long-standing past efforts.
Your fraud prevention and card security is secured by Radar and 3d Safe System as well as known security measures.
Our customers have the right to choose between these two security measures.


We offer your site the ability to receive payments with Credit Card (VPOS),
Mobile payment and additional payment channels all over the world quickly and safely. You only need to fill out the application form for this.


There’s a whole world of opportunity out there. No matter where your customers are, offer them item and transaction values in their local currency. Helping your customers and increasing your bottom line...

Advanced Member Panel

You can track the status of your payments, Membership transactions, Monthly and weekly earnings calculations in the membership panel.

Want to take payments online?

Anyone with a website that fits into the law can be found on the Virtual Pos website. It may start to receive payment by credit card.


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